About Us

“We’ve come a long way over 13 years”

Capify is a rapidly growing company with an independent and entrepreneurial spirit that makes us a great fit with our customers and partners alike. The company has experienced rapid growth and has grown from three to over two hundred employees across the globe– in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.


Our story started in 2002 with the launch of AmeriMerchant. The business started as a US-based alternative finance provider for businesses that focused on the purchase of credit card / debit card-based receivables for an upfront cash lump sum. Available to an array of SMB merchants in the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors.


AmeriMerchant quickly emerged as one of the pioneers and largest providers of Merchant Cash Advances in the US. In 2007, David Goldin moved across the border to Canada, to create CanaFunding which later rebranded as True North Capital. David’s vision continued and in mid-2008 brought Merchant Cash Advances to the UK, setting up United Kapital and also AUSvance in Australia – becoming one of the first movers in each market.

Over the next seven years, the business continued to grow, with the advancing technology and increased demand for SMB Lending. The group launched it Small Business Loan Program to complement its offering to a wider small business owner community across its international footprint.

By 2015 – A dynamic, private company

The Company’s proven experience in multiple countries all with diverse cultures and challenges has allowed us to hold on to all the benefits of our heritage, yet transform the business to become more customer centric, forward looking and progressive.

We’ve invested significantly in technology. It’s vitally important that our infrastructure is cutting edge – giving our customers robustness, speed and superb functionality.

Our Values:

Customer centric, responsible service.

Accountable for the success of our clients, our partners, our employees and ourselves.

Produce exceptional, high quality results, always.

Integrity and honesty at all times

Focused on delivering innovative solutions

Yearn to help others fulfill their dreams

We are Capify.