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Our platform is developed using cutting edge technology tools and methods with design for high availability and scalability. Our platform is user friendly and mobile ready and provides multiple ways for customizing and integrating with our platform.

What is Capify’s REST based API Platform

Capify’s REST based API Platform has a full suite of standardized Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that enables you to offer your small business customers access to capital based on their available merchant data.

With Capify API, you can offer access to capital directly to your customers through your existing customer platform using our secure protocol.

Who can use Capify API

Almost any organization that has small business customers can use the Capify API small business funding platform. Ideal partners will have sufficient data on their business customers that helps predict their need and qualification for working capital. These partners include:

> Payment processors and acquirers

> Providers of electronic point of sale (ePOS) systems

> Cloud based accounting software providers

> Online Business management tools


Benefits of using Capify API

Our streamlined and versatile suite of Working Capital options, the Capify API small business funding platform analyses merchant data through our predictive model scoring enabling you to offer your small business customers access to the working capital they need.

Expertise – Market-leading risk-scoring models and automated underwriting capabilities.

Options – Choose from a white label or co-branded product. Provide access to working capital from within your application or leverage Capify API automated services.

Simplicity – Seamless integration with your existing platforms.

Differentiation – Offer your customers additional services to remain competitive.

Customer Retention – Additional working capital for them = increased revenue for you.